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HWT START UP ACCELERATOR PROGRAM is a corporate social responsibility program initiated by HWT Group Berhad to welcome the 10th anniversary of HWT Group Berhad. Through this program, we aimed to incubate 50 HWT ALL-STAR famous e-commerce entrepreneurs with an annual turnover of more than RM1,000,000.

This program integrates the business, subsidiary business, and successful experience of HWT Group Berhad in the past ten years that has assisted more than 20,000 companies to succeed. In the economic downturn in 2021, we are here to provide a new business model with a complete corporate ecosystem to help those suffered micro-business.

Through this program, our members are able to use a minimum application fees to join this program, and start an online business by use the title of “HWT Future Millionaire”. On behalf, we will appoint an experienced branding coaches to assist them, and coach them until success.

• Incubate 50 people to start a business until their annual turnover exceeding RM1,000,000

• Assist workers/entrepreneurs who are determined to change the situation but powerless, to start a business on the Internet;
• Assist entrepreneurs to operate online business more easily;
• Assist entrepreneurs to continuously improve marketing, branding, management, and all aspects of development required capabilities, and greatly increase the probability of entrepreneurial success;
• Incubate more responsible and influential entrepreneurs for the society.