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HWT Community & Ecosystem HWT Group is based on a people oriented ideology, steadfast in our quest to create a culture of business sustainability. As for the fundamentals laid strongly in the company today, we are in deep gratitude for the unwavering support of our team and their burning desires to produce excellence. On the other hand the Group is doing its best to refine our policies in rewarding our diligent employees, ensuring their welfare is well taken care. We intend to create a conducive and unrestricted working environment which allows employees to unleash their talents and embrace the chance to learn more at the same time. Employees Benefits HWT Group offers many benefits to our valued employees. We would provide salary adjustments based on the changes in national economy and standard of living to ensure employees needs are fulfilled and are rewarded commensurately.

We provide employee quarters too to ease brilliant minds who intends to be a part of the company but live a distance away. The company places high importance in human resource and talent retention in order to maintain the highest of quality and competitiveness in the industry. Personal Development Training We send employees from various positions and departments for training, allowing them to achieve even greater breakthrough in their respective field of expertise. The company also regularly sends distinguished performers to Tsinghua University in Beijing to attend “Managers Development Courses” for upgrading of skills and knowledge. Scholarships are also granted for outstanding employees to further their studies in their respective fields. Awards & Recognition HWT Group strives to uphold a working environment based on key performance index for all the employees in judging their contribution and loyalty to the company. The company has determined a fair remunerative direction to recognize their efforts and to help them fulfill their personal targets. Physical and spiritual health of employees HWT Group concerns for its employees health both physically and spiritually. The company has generously taken care of employees health and medical expenses, as well as spiritual refinement courses to help them find joy in their endeavor and discover their true selves. We strongly believe health is the greatest wealth, and the employees health is closely related to their standard of performance.

Leisure and entertainment In HWT Group, company department managers set various leisure and entertainment activities for the team under mutual understand- ings. We felt that life and career are two closely related affairs and the team is determined to be united to be all conquering. For leisure, we have kareoke system and many other facilities to help employees relax and unwind. Multi-dimention… HWT Group ventures into various major cities in Asia exploring all potential industries, allowing our team to put their expertise into use. Under a revolutionary leadership and talent management, we encour- age every team member to exerts his own skills and plus points, stepping out from the practice of conventional corporations hence creating unlimited values.

Advertise Date Company Position Location
9/9/2019 HWT Group Graphic Designer Puchong, Selangor
9/9/2019 HWT Group Editor Puchong, Selangor
9/9/2019 HWT group Admin Puchong, Selangor
9/9/2019 IAQ Marketing Executive Puchong, Selangor
9/9/2019 EASYSPAD Handyman Subang, Selangor
9/9/2019 Primal Technology Berhad Software Development Engineer Puchong, Selangor
9/9/2019 Special Amazing Event Event Management Senior Puchong, Selangor
9/9/2019 Dr.Branding Branding Consultant Puchong, Selangor
9/9/2019 Dr.Production Photographer Puchong, Selangor
9/9/2019 Dr.Production Videographer Puchong, Selangor

Working Hours : Regular Hours, Mondays-Fridays

Dress Code : Business / Uniform

Average Processing Time : Within 2 weeks

We hope you are : Self motivated, resourceful, active learning, and creative in problem solving.

Thank you for your interest in employment with HWT Group. Kindly send us your complete resume at, Internship are welcomed.