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Vision & Mission



  • Become a trusted and respected
  • world-class great business
  • Become the global 2000 leading companies
  • To create 10 companies, each worth more than 500 Million US dollars
  • Become a company to last 100 years


  • To assist all types of enterprises to maximize profits
  • To assist more people achieve their career dreams
  • To create value and wealth for employees, customers, shareholders

Business Philosophy

  • Always keep the entrepreneurial spirit walking in the forefront continue to create new value
  • Quality optimization, cost minimization, profit maximization

Core Values

Do The Right Thing

Do the morally right thing, contribute the ability to business and society


Integrity in word and in deed

Embrace Change

Accept change and dare to be creative


Support one another, share profits and losses altogether

Serious And Responsible

Work seriously, dare to take responsibility

Create Value

Create value for yourself and what you do

Active And Diligent

Optimistic, hardworking

Social Responsibility

HWT Group is committed to become a “trusted and respected” company. We are committed to abide the law, pays taxes legally, provides high-quality employment opportunities, focuses on the training and motivation of talented people, so as to create excellent corporate culture and become a model in advocating good business ethics.

In the aspect of business operations, we consistently practice its social responsibility at multiple levels and uses its resources and experience accumulated over the years to help start-ups and help many SMEs to grow. In the meantime, we also pay a long-term sustained attention for supporting education, vulnerable groups and promoting social justice and other aspects.

Core Competencies

Corporate Profit-making Empowerment Supply Chain  – Perfect supply chain to help customers have more profitability power;

Understand Southeast Asia Market– We predict and gain insight into the economic development trends in Southeast Asia and the potential opportunities;

Understand Business Operations – Our management has abundant business operations experience and has a keen sense for fundamental judgment;

Talent Identification  – The high degree of understanding and the profound awareness of entrepreneurs will help us choose the best management team and build a long-term cooperation with it;

Media Resources  – The self-employed media and mainstream media cooperation partners can provide support to the customers and invested company to save propaganda cost and improve  advertising efforts;

Marketing Skills – Familiar with all types of marketing strategies, with many well-known successful marketing portfolio;

Branding Skills – We has a professional brand-building team with many success cases to build an influential and credibility brand.

Technology Support – A team of top IT Developer to efficiently improve workflow and customer experience;

Production Line  – Independent product production line, and top product development team support.