Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

HWT Group is committed to become a “trusted and respected” company. We are committed to abide the law, pays taxes legally, provides high-quality employment opportunities, focuses on the training and motivation of talented people, so as to create excellent corporate culture and become a model in advocating good business ethics.

  • In the aspect of business operations, we consistently practice its social responsibility at multiple levels and uses its resources and experience accumulated over the years to help start-ups and help many SMEs to grow. In the meantime, we also pay a long-term sustained attention for supporting education, vulnerable groups and promoting social justice and other aspects.
  • In addition, HWT Group set up “Heshan Foundation” in 2012. By using the company’s foundation, it integrates various resources and gives all kinds of assistance to vulnerable groups, and organizes various charitable activities, and pays great efforts to enhance the attitude positiveness of the whole Malaysian society on charity affairs. It is dedicated to became a model in walks of life, so that more businesses or persons can understand the social consciousness of “Giving back to society what society gave us” and participate in the charity.


Through our annual Filial Piety Day, we invite our customers and employees to bring their families to participate in this activity. On that day, family members can treat each other honestly and express gratitude to parents, to make the tradition of filial piety can widespread in society.


Running Game is a charity running event jointly organized by this company and the local government once per year, the public can sign up and participate. The received registration fee and sponsorship fee will be donated to “DA CI JIANG TANG” orphanage without any reservation.


Heshan Kidney Fund is a charitable project open for our customers and partners to participate, which requires the attention of entrepreneurs on social responsibility. Through this program, we manage and reasonably distribute funds to patients.


We organized Charity Walk once every three months. Through Charity Walk, all staffs of this company will be arranged to visit nursing homes, orphanages and bring gifts and supplies there or serve as a volunteer under the guidance of company.