Dato’ Sri Paduka Prof. Dr. Robin Tan, a renowned Malaysian entrepre- neur and media mogul, was born in the state of Melaka, Malaysia. This media giant was affectionately referred to as the “The Father of Branding”. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, United States of America in philosophy. Dato’ Sri Paduka Prof. Dr. Robin had also serviced as top management personnel for several newspaper and magazine companies after his graduation, and a consul- tant for numerous top corporations and Malaysian Cabinet Ministers. 30 years of market experience and still going strong, he contributions towards the business world and political arena was nothing less than immense. In the year 2009, with his wide network and strong resources Dato’ Sri Paduka Prof. Dr. Robin Tan initiated his first company, ascending to the apex point of his career. He has always been a person of good faith and honesty, but was put into deep waters from irresponsible stakeholders of the company in 2010. Nonetheless he did not give up his dreams and rise again to create another miraculous milestone. With solid network of entrepreneur friends gathered over the years, he showed the new genera- tion of media industry the way to rejuvenate a company and a career. HWT Group was then incorporated in year 2011. He has proven himself yet again, and has become a folklore and a model of inspiration and virtue in the field of media and business world even until today.  

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