HWT Group is an integration of conglomerate development group. As a company with diversified products and services, we have merged all our resources into a business consultancy corporation which is able to assist fresh companies grow prosperously and harmoniously. Today we have been dubbed the “medical centre of holistic entrepreneurship development” by many entities in South East Asian, and became the only and most comprehensive business development strategy agency and branding corporation in the region. HWT expertly offers more than 60 professional services for SMEs. We strive to fulfill the needs of companies from SMEs, furnishing them with enough ammunition to tackle the market, at the same time rasing the bar of overall business standards in the South East Asian region. Over 20,000 corporations had already benefitted from our professional assistance to achieve steady growth. Below are a brief introduction some of our products and services:




HWT Branding

HWT Branding is a team jointly formed by a number of famous media personalities in Malaysia,the only one stop branding and business development strategy consultant in Malaysia Our services comprise of both company and personal branding. Our top consultants provide meticulous and professional business planning and branding advices in accordance to market condition and personal budget. We commit maximum effective- ness to achieve maximum branding results for customers, be it personal image or under a corporation. Besides that, we have a professional creative and production studio, capable of providing unique branding image for customers..

  HWT Investment

HWT Investment Arm was formed in 2013, and was astutely led by Dato’ Sri Paduka Prof. Dr. Robin Tan. It serves as a bridge for local and foreign venture capitalists to connect with National Investment Agency. Since its incorporation we have assisted in more than one hundred million worth of foreign direct investments into the country. We are now educate-in the player in the Malaysian market, and gradually stepping into the Asian territories. Our scope of investments include land development, mining, real estate, business projects, insurance, plantation, and crude oil.





HWT Certification 

Our strategic collaboration with Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation in year 2011 has witness the organisation of some of the largest business awards ceremony in the Asian region. On top of that we are also professionally helping Malaysian brands to apply for trademarks and patents with their intellectual properties and Halal Certification. As a summary here are some of our distinguished products and services in certification: Trade Mark applications, Halal Certifications, 21st century The Prestigious Brand Award, Asia Honesty Award, Golden Phoenix Award, 30 Most Influential Online Shop, Malaysia 50 Outstanding Real Estate Agents, & Top Corporate Leader Award.

  ENTV Global Television Network

ENTV is a dynamic global television network designed for Asian businessmen to create an online video streaming platform in two mainstream language – English and Mandarin. We broadcast a series of business events and activities in Asia for the audience, together with a wide variety of business related programs, to influence and inspire more dream chasers. Our core competency lies in our commitment to unearth the true potential of SMEs and from there to organise more meaningful activities, to allow more people to enjoy top products of this era.





HWT Continuing Education

HWT Continuing Education was founded in 2011, A life long journey in education, our company actively promotes the concept of life long learning and continuing of education. Committed on improving the higher administrative team and leader for small and medium enterprises in Southeast Asia. As a regional office in Southeast Asia for a number of European Universities, our company is helping entrepreneurs and top administrators to continue learning on a part time basis through an advanced and holistic long distance education while working, and finally complete their Masters’ Degree and PhD courses through online exams and transfer of credits.

  HWT Financial Service

Our team consists of the most experienced professionals in the industry, providing service such as financial consultations, accounting, entrepreneurship inquiries, all types of loans, financial system try-outs, taxation, auditing, corporate restructuring, iTax software, & etc. We committed to help SMEs grow in all aspects. Since the setting up of this division we have effectively helped over 20,000 corporations in their financial management efforts.





Team of Prestige

Team of Prestige is a professional event planning team under the Group. We provide our client with best possible solutions according to the effect of the event requested by that particular client, be it a product launching ceremony, a grand opening ceremony, company anniversary, or charity event. We heed to client’s needs and host a result oriented for the client. The events which we have co-organised included Asia’s largest business award ceremony the “21st Century Prestigious Brand Award”, the “Asian Honesty Award”, Asia biggest women award the “Golden Phoenix Award”, “One Million Chinese Youth Gathering”, etc. Every year we received thou sands of nomination submission from small and medium enterprises.

  Harvey Business School

Harvey Business School is a business school specially designed for lower income families and pre-established enterprises, nurturing new professionals in the society. Jointly designed by top professors from various countries, the programs include development of company’s personnel in various positions, physical and spiritual development courses, forming the basis of the institute’s core strengths. In order to allowed students to experi-enced the highest teaching techniques, we hire world-class teachers from several universities and prominent figures in the society, while consistently introducing the latest and most advance courses, in our drive to produce more aspiring entrepreneurs and top corporate leaders.



HWT Production

HWT Production specializes in planning and creating short promotion clip for small and medium enterprises, Video Advertisements, Micro-films, company image filming, to administrative photography, products photography, and the creation of promotional paraphernalia. Our professional team strives to bring out the soul in our client’s products and brands, expertly creating top notch image for all its employees and products of the company, hence kick-starting a revolution of branding image in Southeast Asia.